A Case for a Fresh Lilac (Pantone 7443)

A Case for a Fresh Lilac (Pantone 7443)

I am always interested to see Pantone’s Color of the Year. I think our use of color has a fascinating role in reflecting social history and predicting (and dictating) cultural trends.

Although breaking with tradition and choosing two colors for 2016’s Color of the Year is spirited, I feel like one color could have equally captured Pantone’s awareness of the consumer’s search for mindfulness and well-being and the current zeitgeist surrounding gender equality and fluidity. I think combining the Serenity (blue) and Rose Quartz (pink) into an interesting Fresh Lilac may have also worked for this year’s lighter and airier choice.

The mathematical result of combining the two chosen colors in equal measure is Pantone 7443. Purple tones have been long associated with mindfulness and wellbeing and combining blue and pink seems a fair reflection of gender fluidity. I also think a secondary color — like purple — possesses an easy complexity and an interesting ambiguity which can be compelling to consumers.

I do like the choice of the fresh pastels for this year. These light hues have made their way into fashion and interiors in a very enticing manner and I think there is a momentum behind this trend which suggests it is far from being played out.

Judging the colors without context and with personal bias is true folly, but always irresistible! Personally, I think the clarity of the Serenity is a bit raw and a little will surely go a long way. However, just a sprinkle of clear blue can find an apt home most anywhere. The Rose Quartz name sounds delicious but the actual color lacks a bit of interest for me as it is just a little sweet. What remains my favorite preoccupation is seeing how and where the Color of the Year shows up and whether it has a place in a project or two of my own.

Although a color forecast is an important consideration for product developers, with potentially monumental results, having “new” color choices to consider is good sport for the color adventurer in all of us. One of the things I most appreciate about Pantone’s Leatrice Eiseman is her spirit of exploration. I think this is always a great approach for considering Pantone’s Color(s!?) of the Year.

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